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The Names section of the Glycan details page in GlyGen provides information about the glycan name(s) and synonym(s).


Screenshot of the Names section on the Glycan details page in GlyGen.

This section provides the following information:

  • Semantic name - Common name for glycan. Eg. T antigen
  • Composition (Short) - Short version of monosaccharide composition. Eg. H5N4F4
  • Byonic - Glycan name in Byonic format. Eg. HexNAc(11)Hex(11)dHex(2)
  • UniCarbKB - Name according to UniCarbKB. Eg. HexNAc11Hex11dHex2NeuAc0NeuGc0Pent0S0P0KDN0HexA0
  • UniCarbKB (Short) - Short version of UniCarbKB name. Eg. HexNAc11Hex11dHex2

Source of information

The Names data is generated from GlyTouCan and UniCarbKB databases.

Data access

The collected data is processed and stored in in the following datasets:

Data harmonization

Data filtering