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The General section of the Glycan details page in GlyGen provides identifying information about the the glycan from reference databases and sources.


Screenshot of the General section on the Glycan details page in GlyGen.

This section provides the following information:

  • GlyTouCan Accession - Unique identifier assigned to the registered glycan structure in the GlyTouCan database. Eg. G17689DH
  • Monoisotopic Mass - Monoisotopic mass of the glycan in Daltons. Eg. 2,368.84 Da
  • Monoisotopic Mass-pMe (Da) - Permethylated monoisotopic mass of the glycan in Daltons. Permethylation involves the addition of methyl groups (CH3) to all of the hydroxyl and N-acetyl groups and also methyl esterifies the carboxy function on sialic acid. Eg. 2,368.84 Da
  • Composition - Monosaccharide composition of the glycan represented by the number of each class of monosaccharide. Eg. Hex5HexNAc4dHex1NeuAc2
  • Byonic™ - Glycan sequence in Byonic format. Eg. Hex(5)HexNAc(4)dHex(1)NeuAc(2)
  • Glycan Type / Glycan Subtype - Glycan classification, defined by type and subtype. Eg. N-linked  /  Core-fucosylated
  • InCHI Key - International Chemical Identifier hash (InChIKey) computed from chemical structure using the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) standard. Eg. YWJPMIROECFZJW-YBQNOACISA-N

Source of Information

The General data is collected and integrated from GlyTouCan and PubChem databases.