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The Associated Protein section of the Glycan Details page in GlyGen provides a list of proteins glycosylated with the glycan.

Associated Protein

Screenshot of the General section on the Glycan details page in GlyGen.

A list of proteins and the site at which they are glycosylated with the glycan is presented. The following columns are presented in the table:

  • Source - GlyGen evidence linking to the databases and papers that provided the glycosylation information
  • Protein Name - The recommended protein name as per UniProtKB database. Eg. Epidermal growth factor receptor
  • UniProtKB Accession - Accession assigned to the protein in the UniProtKB database. Eg. P00533-1
  • Position - Amino acid residue of the given protein along with its position. Eg. Asn294
  • Organism - Name of the organism that is the source of the protein sequence. Eg. Homo sapiens

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