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The Phosphorylation section of the Protein details page in GlyGen provides a detailed list of phosphorylation sites and kinase proteins responsible for phosphorylation.


Screenshot of the Phosphorylation section on the Protein details page in GlyGen.

This section provides the following information:

  • Source - Evidence linking to the databases and papers that provided the phosphorylation information.
  • Kinase Protein - GlyGen ID of the enzyme responsible for catalyzing the covalent addition of a phosphate group to the protein. Eg. Q6P1J9-1
  • Kinase Gene - Name of the gene that encodes the kinase protein. Eg. CDC73
  • Residue - Residue on which phosphorylation occurs by kinase protein; commonly occurs on amino acids serine and threonine, and occasionally tyrosine. Eg. Ser322
  • Notes - Additional information about the entry such as curation notes, phosphorylation subtype, remarks, etc.

Source of information

The Phosphorylation data is collected and integrated from UniProtKB, PubMed, and iPTMnet databases.

  • UniProtKB - only reported sites information and predicted information is downloaded from UniProtKB.
  • iPTMnet - only reported sites information and predicted information is downloaded from iPTMnet

Data access

The collected data is processed and stored in in following datasets.

Homo Sapiens (Human) Datasets

  • Human Phosphorylation Sites (UniProtKB; GLY_000274)
  • Human Phosphorylation Sites (iPTMNet; GLY_000519)

Hepatitis C Virus Datasets

  • HCV1a Phosphorylation Sites (UniProtKB; GLY_000384)
  • HCV1b Phosphorylation Sites (UniProtKB; GLY_000385)

SARS Coronavirus Datasets

  • SARS-CoV1 Phosphorylation Sites (UniProtKB; GLY_000474)
  • SARS-CoV2 Phosphorylation Sites (UniProtKB; GLY_000475)

Mus musculus (Mouse) Datasets

  • Mouse Phosphorylation Sites (UniProtKB; GLY_000254)
  • Mouse Phosphorylation Sites (iPTMNet; GLY_000520)

Rattus norvegicus (Rat) Datasets

Data harmonization

Data filtering