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The Glycation section of the Protein details page in GlyGen provides a detailed list of sites with non-enzymatic, covalently linked glucose residues, including the type of attachment and the location on the amino acid sequence.


Screenshot of the Glycation section on the Protein information page in GlyGen.

This section provides the following information:

  • Source - GlyGen evidence linking to the databases and papers that provided the glycation information
  • Type - Type of glycation. Eg. N-linked
  • Relation - Relationship to the amino acid residue. Eg. attached
  • Residue - Amino acid residue of the given protein along with its position. Eg. Asn294
  • Note - Additional information about the entry such as curation notes, N-linked (Glc) (glycation) lysine, remarks, etc.

Source of information

The Glycation data is collected and integrated from UniProtKB databases.

UniProtKB - only annotated as glycation in UniProtKB when there is experimental evidence

Data access

The collected data is processed and stored at in the following datasets:

Homo Sapiens (Human) Datasets

Mus musculus (Mouse) Datasets

Rattus norvegicus (Rat) Datasets

Data harmonization

Data filtering