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Jul 23, 2020

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term (main_entry) term_in_sentence publication definition term_xref pmid_count synonymns function disease_associations wikipedia essentials_of_glycobiology
N-linked glycans Structural analysis of N-linked glycans in Caenorhabditis elegans.[PMID:12038976] 12038976|17293352|19864504|24279413|29671580|7774715|7774715|8687384|8687384 The term used to refer to the carbohydrate portion of N-glycoproteins when attached to a nitrogen from asparagine or arginine side-chains.[CHEBI:59520] CHEBI:59520 9 N-glycans modulate the function of several cell surface proteins which involved in migration, adhesion and which are responsible for regulating myelination.[PMID: 25151374] Affect transportation of the glycosylated proteins in the Golgi. [PMID: 25151374]|Affects cell-cell interaction, adhesion, expression, proper folding. [PMID: 25151374]|extracellular N-glycans act as key modulators of neuronal uptake of αSacetyl [PMID: 31211781] Rheumatoid arthritis[PMID:17392038]|Type 1 Diabetes[PMID:29146600]|Lung Cancer[PMID: 23766031] N-linked glycans NBK453020-Chapter 9
high-mannose Each glycoform contained a number of peaks differing by 162 Da indicating heterogeneity and suggesting the presence of high-mannose sugars.[PMID:11258925] 11258925|17956937|2059624|2065054|26791533|4077844|7780197|9136890|30659065 Any oligosaccharide derivative which typically contains unsubstituted terminal mannose sugars with between five and nine mannose residues attached to the chitobiose [(GlcNAc)2] core. [CHEBI:5717] CHEBI:5717 9 oligomannose Involved in promotion of protein folding in ER. [PMID:12417032] High Man glycans are enriched at cell surface during apoptosis [PMID: 17516205] Relative abundance changes in multiple CDGs [PMID: 30770376][PMID: 28484880][MT] NBK453020-Chapter 9
paucimannose The results indicated that both N-glycosylation sites of recombinant lactoferrin are mainly substituted by typical plant paucimannose-type glycans , with beta1,2-xylose and alpha1,3-linked fucose at the proximal N-acetylglucosamine , and that complex-type glycans with Lewis(a) determinants are not present in maize recombinant lactoferrin.[PMID:12151713] 12151713|19515361|29475940|29803109|12603202 Any N-glycan derivative with general formula Man1-4Fuc0-1 GlcNAc2. Found in relatively large amounts in invertebrates and plants, they are formed by removal of the peripheral GlcNAc of GlcNAcMan3-4GlcNAc2 by a Golgi hexosaminidase. Pauscimannose has also been detected in vertebrates.[CHEBI:144386] CHEBI:144386 5 NBK453020-Chapter 9
hybrid A hybrid-type N-glycan was accessed by total synthesis, converted to an oxazoline, and used as a donor substrate with both wild type Endo M and an N175Q glycosynthase Endo M mutant allowing the convergent synthesis of a glycosylated amino acid bearing a hybrid N-glycan structure. [PMID:27058295] 27058295|15044398|28714086|29578688|26999365 An N-glycan in which Man extends the Manα1-6 arm of the chibiotose core (Manα1-3(Manα1-6)Manβ1-4GlcNAcβ1–4GlcNAcβ1) and one or two GlcNAcs extend the Manα1-3 arm.[NBK453020-Chapter 9,RN] NBK453020-Chapter 9
complex-type glycans In this study, 32 new complex-type glycans are characterized containing the Le(x), Le(Y), and sialyl-Le(x) determinants, the bloodgroup A and H antigens, as well as the ALe(Y) determinant.[PMID:10988252] 10988252|12038976|12151713|1898343|24308486 Group of N-glycans in which the antenna emanating from the core(GlcNAc2Man3) is initated by N-acetylglucosaminyltransferases (GlcNAcTs). 6 Involved in protein stability[PMID:12417032] NBK453020-Chapter 9